Hacking Team’s Morality: Good Or Bad?

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Software, like any other tool, can be used for good and bad. The nature of the software itself can influence its use as well. In the case of Hacking Team, an IT company formed by David Vincenzetti and Valeriano Bedeschi, software that intrudes on privacy was produced. The company did not make sound moral decisions in creating its software. The company’s actions show that computer scientists should not create software without a moral compass.
Hacking Team created a “comprehensive suite for man-in-the-middle attacks” (Jeffries). This software allowed users to control computers remotely by inserting themselves between two parties’ communication. Companies also used this software to test security of their own networks. While public sources... View More »

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Profit is not an excuse, unlike what Hacking Team thought when selling its software to Ethiopia and similar organizations. Therefore, this companies actions should be seen as a warning of what to not do. Any other company in the industry should not act unethically as Hacking Team has. However, Hacking Team does not reflect negatively on the tech industry as a whole. Hacking Team is merely a bad example in the sea of useful technologies the industry creates. As long as the industry does not fall to the same problems that Hacking Team had, the industry will keep its good standing.
Wrapping it up, Hacking Team behaved immorally when creating its software and distributing it. The impact of its actions is a warning to computer scientists to consider the software they make. Simply creating software because we can does not mean we should. Computer scientists should always consider if their software can be used to harm others and how to prevent that. The actions of Hacking Team should not reflect badly on all computer scientists though. Like any other group, some programmers may act immorally while the rest keep a moral compass.

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