Information Technology In A Home Environment

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Regis University
MSCC 610 Final Project

Information technology (IT) applications in the home environment are increasing just as they are in the business world. Because I am not currently employed with an organization, I chose to provide an information technology summary for my household. This paper will provide an overview of the household members and their uses of technology, a summary of IT expenditures and recurring fees, our household IT goals and objectives, and current hardware, software and telecommunications applications. It will provide more detail in some areas to illustrate and relate to the concepts learned in MSCC 610 at Regis University.
Information Technology in a Home Environment
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As a district manager for a local wine distributor, Sean uses PC's and technology mainly for work, communication, entertainment and internet browsing. Both Cassie and Nick use PC's and technology for homework, entertainment and internet browsing and Cassie also uses e-mail and text messaging for communicating. See Table 1 for a summary of the household users and their IT uses.
Goals and Objectives

Aligning information technology with organizational strategy is something that many organizations struggle with as they grow, but in a home environment, there is more leeway to utilize financial and time resource towards technology purely for entertainment value or the "cool" factor. IT decisions that affect finances and time resources can be made not because they contribute somehow to a bottom line, but because they provide entertainment, make life less stressful and/or save time. However, because like organizations, most households do not have unlimited financial or time resources, members of a household do not want to waste either. Just as businesses can have duplication and waste as a result of poor planning, so can a home, especially as technology becomes more pervasive in the household. Having a thorough understanding of a household's technology applications and how they work together, combined with at least a partial alignment of household information technology with household goals, can provide benefit by reducing wasted financial and time resources that could have been better spent elsewhere (such as projects with a high "cool" factor) and assist in ...

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