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b. Decline And Comeback
According to an article written by Seth Schiesel in the New York Times on May 26th, 2007, Nintendo was close to being marginalized about a year ago due to fierce competition from Xbox by Microsoft and the three consecutive generations of Sony’s Playstation consoles. However, what was kept hidden from the rest of the industry and the world was the fact that Nintendo’s president and chief operating officer Reggie Fils-Aime, had a new strategy that would literally over-throw the competition. He had devised a plan to revive Nintendo by stepping away from the regular targets of this industry and broadening its perspectives and reach to other prospective gamers. He tapped into the concept of “Family-Time” with the Wii and the business people with the Nintendo DS, who never thought they would see eye to eye with what Nintendo had to offer. “Last month, Nintendo sold more than four times as many Wii units (360,000) as Sony sold PlayStation 3’s (82,000), and many people still can’t find the Wii on store shelves” (New York Times, May 26, 2007).

II. Marketing Strategy

a. Evolution of Nintendo’s Advertising And Methods
Nintendo’s advertising methods throughout the years has been just like the rest of the companies I the industry, all based on the weak theory of advertising which attempts to build awareness, trial, and reinforcement. However, with the newest of Nintendo’s inventions, the Wii, a new era has begun in the gaming industry. They now focus more on the strong theory of advertising where they are trying to change attitudes and persuading old users and new target groups to buy something new.
According to an independent student newspaper called Red and Black, the editor asks a very important question which was later fully answered by Nintendo’s Wii console release, “Throughout gaming history, new systems have always sought to bring new View More »

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