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Historians of the 15th and 16th century used the term the “Middle Ages”. The culture at the time was similar to that of ancient Rome and Greece. But, differed from the time of the fall of Rome. The “Middle Ages” was later replaced by the Renaissance period. It was period of rebirth of ancient techniques and newly developed techniques that had major success in the art industry. Greco-Roman heritage and Byzantine examples inspired the artists. (Wikipedia, n.d.) This paper will discuss the relationship between Middle Age and Renaissance art periods.

The middle ages also known as the dark ages were a period of barbarism, ignorance, and superstition. (Wikipedia, n.d.) The period saw a decrease in prosperity,... View More »

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(Wikipedia, n.d.) Ancient technique and new technique improved during the renaissance and led the way for creativity and innovation. When works from each period are examined the differences of new tradition and the features of the old like religion can be seen. Giotto di Bondone’s crucifixion is religious art from the late middle ages that has no depth and unnatural. Work from this time are flat with foreign supernatural backgrounds. Most of the art during this time represents the subject with a halo representing a religious figure. Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin and child with St. Anne is more realistic and the subjects have more natural poses. The subjects are more human without the halo and the background is easier to relate to. These paintings are of important biblical history but Da Vinci’s creativity comes through in that it is more pleasing to people.

The Renaissance is well known for the creativity and innovation that the artists of the time devoted their lives to. Inspired by earlier times the artists of the renaissance affected not only paintings but sculpture and architecture as well. Renaissance art is the most popular and best known for the influence it has had in the art world. In today’s art world the ripple effect of the renaissance has laid the foundation of creativity and innovation that encouraged of todays artists. Worldwide monuments have been created to celebrate the renaissance artists that have help build our world and be seen in all of today’s art forms in one way or another.

In today’s art world the influence of these periods still ...

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