Socialized Cooperation

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Socialized Cooperation

The paradigm I will be operating under defines “Social Deviance” through the lens of Social Learning Theory. In other words, As Dr. Albert Bandura seminal work: Social Learning and Clinical Psychology (1954) defines socialization as occurring in four distinct phases; I will be examining my selected deviant behavior as an act aberrant to the social models established by:
1) Close Contact
2) Imitation of Superiors
3) Understanding of Concepts
4) Role Model Behavior

Normative behavior that conforms to this society is therefore unique to the specific environmental parameters of individual geographic and socio-economic conditions. That is to say my deviant... View More »

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In their work, Falk, Fehr, and Fischbacher demonstrate the motivational and efficacy of informal sanctions through experiment games. They found that every participant in the experiment utilized sanctions in order to punish deviance from the rules of their experiment, but interestingly they observed significant dedication od resources to do so over long periods of gameplay. (Falk, Fehr, and Fischbacher, 2005)

“Cooperators punish defectors even if payoff in-equalities cannot be reduced. Therefore, retaliation, i.e., the desire to harm those who committed unfair acts, seems to be the most important motive behind fairness-driven informal sanction”

This research significantly strengthened my predictions about what reactions I would receive and what would motivate the responses.
In order to observe reactions to my deviant behavior I designed my experiment to include a range of reactions from street sidewalks to indoor hallways. I targeted the general population of Tempe by performing my deviant act during the high traffic evening hours on the busy walking street of Mill Avenue, and the congested indoor hallways of Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. These locals provided a wide variety of targets from the young to the old, as well as upper and lower classes alike. I focused on specific variables of both age and sex, but also to a lesser degree economic standing. In order to measure reactions I recorded the events on video and later scored my reactions on scale of reactions starting with no response and escalating in severity from looks of surprise, to looks of ...

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