Technology And Digital Photography

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After 86 years of loses the Red Sox performed a task that had been thought of as impossible, statistically speaking. During the 2004 World Series the underdog team was able to achieve their first taste of triumph in a very long time. Derek Lowe, the winning pitched, left no room for any more than just three hits in the last seven innings; ending the “Curse of the Bambino”. The next morning, a detailed photo of Lowe is posted on the front cover of the New York Times. Having these visual references to words read adds more than just statistics to the reader’s insight. Better yet, it gives them a feel of the situation, a more personalized look at that last pitch of the 2004 World Series of baseball. This is just one aspect in which... View More »

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Whether it is for personal or professional use, digital technology has socially impacted most aspects of today’s society.
In their daily commune people often find themselves taking an interesting picture to show their family back at home on their cell phone. These features are so essential to the average person that they have become default on any new phone on the market. On the other side of the spectrum it can be pointed out that something as regular as the daily newspaper would never be arranged in time if digital technology were not available today. Realistically speaking photographs from a hit news story in Japan can be sent in digital codes through the Internet to the printing station in a matter of seconds. Hence the astronomical numbers of people who own and use a camera nowadays, programmers make it a priority to simplify the process as much as possible. As to fit the total target audience, by a “half-way press of the finger” the camera adjusts light, focus, flash (should it be needed) and other internal features. As the user finishes pressing the button it takes a photograph according to proper size, color scheme, and other settings which are all set to the preference of the photographer. Should it be the case that one should prefer to not have to worry about an of these settings, just set the camera on automatic and it will do all the work and provide a finely tuned photograph as a result. Some colossal advantages of this technology are: very little cost to accumulate many photographs, instant review of images, stability control, along with many ...

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