The ‘Blogfather’ And His Comments On Modern Internet

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Blog is a word that one doesn’t hear as much nowadays. Blog is short for weblog, a website where a person posts anything they want online in a sort of online diary. Hossein Derakhshan is a blogger who was known as “The Blogfather” in Iran. However, he was imprisoned for 6 years due to what he wrote. When he was released, a new internet ruled by social media greeted him. In his article, Derakhshan argues that servies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are killing the web by turning it into a stream of info that users absorb. He points out that the web is no longer this extensive network of information and freedom. It has turned into television that requires no thought at all to consume.
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Next, Derakhshan claims that social media is turning the internet into a stream of information instead of a web. Consumers simply watch the stream without effort, just like watching television. No thought is needed or invoked. Information is picked for them by social media. This idea is true, but does not apply to everybody at every moment. While more popular topics and relevant interests fills up a person’s news feed, this does not stop the consumer from exploring the rest of the web. The stream is still just a service that one can use. A Facebook user may only have enough time to look at his stream or he/she may have more time to explore the rest of the web. The stream just allows a quick way for users to look at relevant information without sifting through the whole web. It does not limit them from looking at other parts of the web nor is it a “deep betrayal to the diversity that the World Wide Web had originally envisioned.”
Finally, Derakhshan claims that social media centralizes information and grants more power to governments and corporations. This fear has basis and evidence, as seen in recent events and organizations such as the NSA. This argument appeals to the duty based ethical theory. Users’ privacy is invaded through the use of these services by having data sent from social media to companies and governments. The obligation of social media in providing a way for people to connect has changed into a money driven service that tries to serve its old purpose. Derakhshan’s final claim holds in light of recent events.
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