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Unique to this article, greater focus is placed on the issues the U.S. faces from the international community in regards to achieving its goals in Darfur, rather than paying chief attention to the reconstructive work Darfur is in need of. In addition to failing to draw statistics from the reports of international agencies, “The Devil in Darfur’s” coverage involved the most biased opinions and gave the least thorough account of the state of the Sudanese civilian population of all the articles.

The Independent gave the most thorough and well-rounded report of the issues concerning the signed peace deal in its article “Sudan Signs Peace Deal With Rebels Over Darfur.” The article shed fair and equal light upon the proceedings of the peace deal, the UN’s Secretary-General’s address to the global community, and the necessary next steps regarding external aid and peacekeeping measures. The article was written from an “arms-length” perspective and was not biased in its style of reporting. In fact, it incorporated details and opinions from various international sources, such as US Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Zoel-lick’s address, the African Union’s chief mediator, Salim Ahmed Salim’s comments and the UN’s chief humanitarian co-coordinator, Jan Egeland’s report. This article is in marked contradiction with the Wall Street Journal’s article on the point of the international community’s involvement. The Independent reports, “The breakthrough in negotiations [is largely due to] Britain and America, who have both been active in attempting to end the ethnic cleansing” (Penketh, Anne), while the Wall Street Journal criticized the international community for not doing enough and named America as the only nation that has had sufficient concern. View More »

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