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In general, Nepalese community members have seen their income increase and their living standards improve through employment in cultural revival.

Despite the seemingly positive effects of ecotourism, in many cases ecotourism can have negative impact on the environment and the community. Introducing non-natives into a natural, non-industrialized environment can present detrimental consequences on both the land and local people living within the region. Tourists’ unregulated behavior caused a problem in the case of Mutawintji National Park in New South Wales, Australia, a popular aboriginal site . Australian government took ownership of the land and denied Aboriginal people of tourism management. This deprived them of their freedom and cultural expression. Finally, aboriginal people were outraged by the destructive environmental effect caused by unregulated tourist behaviors that they demanded respect. By blocking of the site, they gained ownership. Now most of the parks are run and regulated by Native people according to their desires. As a result, the living standard in their community has been raised without environmental and cultural degradation.

Because ecotourism is important for environmental education, maintenance of indigenous culture, and local economic development, local people involved in tourism, tourist company employees, government should be reorganized and given training in sustainable eco-tourism. In order for ecotourism to work good management with strong enforce mechanisms is required. Environmental regulations should be established or monitored to control the activities of all stakeholders and ensure appropriate behavior and activities.


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