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Meursault from the story The Stranger by Albert Camus is truly complex character. As the story starts out we see Meursault as unfeeling, passive, and apathetic, yet as the story progresses Meursault has the opportunity to talk to his prison guard about freedom. After this, he becomes more feeling, active, and appreciative, the transition showing the complexity of his character.
At the beginning of the story, Meursault finds out that his mother, Maman, had passed away. To many, this would be horrifying news, but Meursault seemed very unaffected by it. He attends the funeral and goes home, not really feeling anything. The day after, he goes out with Marie and sees a movie, and when confronted... View More »

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The guard states: “that’s exactly why you’re in prison…they’ve taken away your freedom…otherwise, what would be the punishment?” (Camus 78). It is this conversation that makes Meursault realize that he is no longer free and really morphs his previous set of traits to that of feeling, activeness, and appreciation.
During his trial, Meursault starts to really show these feelings. After the prosecutor questions the director Meursault states: “for the first time in years I had this stupid urge to cry, because I could feel how much all these people hated me” (Meursault 90). This shows how Meursault’s unfeeling has changed, for people have actual started to affect his feelings. Later when Céleste takes the stand for Meursault, Meursault states, “it was the first time in my life I ever wanted to kiss man”, showing how grateful and loving he is towards Céleste for what Céleste was trying to do for him (Camus 93). He even starts to have feelings for Marie as he looks at the stones in his prison wall. He states, “the face I was looking for was as bright as the sun and the flame of desire-and it belongs to Marie” (Camus 119). This shows how Meursault actually begins to care for Marie, beyond his physical desires for her. This in turn shows how the once unfeeling Meursault has changed, and has started to have feelings due to people like Marie and Céleste.
In regards to his second trait, Meursault also exhibits a huge change from passive to active, which is shown through his trial. During his trial, Meursault states: “my fate was being decided without anyone so much as ...

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