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Algeria is very rich of fossil energies such as petrol and natural gas that represent sixty percent of Algeria’s economy. In the other hand, Morocco has very limited fossil energies like phosphate that is the first source of revenue of Moroccan economy also; Morocco is considered the first producer and exporter of Cannabis in the world. Aside natural resources, the agriculture in Algeria corresponds to twenty-three percent of the income of the country, however; the Moroccan economy depends also on two other factors that are the revenues of Moroccans living in foreign countries which is the second largest income and agriculture that represent over seventieth percent from the income of Morocco.
The final difference between the two countries is their political systems and actions over the history. After the independence of Algeria in 1962, Ben Bella was proclaimed the first of the new republic of Algeria. Ben Bella was the leader of the national liberation front, a guerilla that resisted to the French conquest. Besides, Morocco has always been a heredity monarchy that passes from father to son. For the future king to be crown, all tribes of Morocco should proclaim him as such. Morocco and Algeria have had a great relationship in the past until the independence of Algeria. In fact, Algeria has promised Morocco to give it back its part of land that France has taken it illegally from Morocco. After the foursquare refusal of Algeria, Morocco has declared the war against Algeria in 1963 (right after Algeria’s independence) attempting to claim Tindouf and Bechar parts. During this war, Algeria didn’t have modern army as Morocco did, it was constituted of a simple guerilla presided by Ben Bella, which pushed them to call assistance from Cuba that send its army to help them. The Sa View More »

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