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The story begins with the building of the railroads into South Fork Country. The building of the roadbed was built by dozens of workers, mostly Chinese immigrants or Irish Catholics . Many died during the construction. The railroad lured many newcomers to the area including John A. Geary(Captain Geary). Geary came to South fork and established a lumber business. By 1890 a minor town by the name of Coolidge had turned from a mountaineer dwelling into an eventful place. They now had a post office, a couple of stores, a church, and one of the better depots on the railroad. The lives of the citizens consisted of going to town and waiting for the Number six train to come into town. At that point everyone would crowd... View More »

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He gained that trust and went on trying to discover the owners of random plots of land. At one point he went through a lot of trouble to realize that he had settled a case that told him who the true owner of the Coffey land was. His boss went on to purchase that land and over a thousand acres other than that.

One day Kinne met an attorney from Nashville, filled out some papers and the Stearns Coal and Lumber Company, the Stearns Lumber Company, and the Kentucky and Tennessee Railway were created. Afterwards, Stearns made a town and named it appropriately, Stearns. He brought in a licensed physician and constructed a hotel and school. He also hired workmen to build a hotel and a spur line of track to connect the former railways to where his coal mines were going to be. Many new towns were forming around Stearns now and he would make millions of dollars from all the timber and coal that was being processed in his mills and shipping yards. He also set up booms to couth and hold logs while they are to be loaded on to rail cars and taken to the mills at Stearns. The railroad constructed to go to the mouth of Rock Creek was finally complete and so they made plans to build a solid concrete bridge that was 600 feet in length, which was the largest of its kind at the time. The bridge was built and it’s durability was proven by an accident were a boom broke and over a million feet of logs hit it at the same time, leaving no permanent damage.

Not long after the bridge accident many newcomers came into town. These people were mostly refugees from ethic ghettos of the ...

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