australia and new zealand

Cultural Diversity

What is Australian culture? Ask the average person in the Street and they would respond with phrases such as “the lucky country, mateship, dinki-di, hard-working, sense of humour and very sporty.” One cannot say they are wrong. Who could ever forget the classic jingle “football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden...

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Party Pills In New Zealand (BZP)

Youth are the building block of a community life, where the community that has less youth is menaced with extinction. Party Pills are on of the new junk substance that introduced to our society as an energy drink and pills on the last sixty years. Party pills, also known as...

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Origin And Development Of The White Australia Policy And Its Impact

The origin and development of the “White Australia Policy” and its impacts on Australian population and society From the turn of the century there were various laws in Australia that aimed to keep people who were not from a white European background out of the country. The ‘White Australian Policy’...

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