Organic Growth With Authentic Followers

Keep your account safe from bots and fake accounts.
Grow your community through organic promotion and advanced AI targeting technology.

Be among the 24,000+ individuals and brands that trust and enjoy our IG growth strategy.

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Organic Growth With Authentic Followers

Keep your account safe from bots and fake accounts. Grow your community through organic promotion and advanced AI targeting technology.

Be among the 24,000+ individuals and brands that trust and enjoy our IG growth strategy.

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24,000+ IG Influencers and Brands Trust Us

Widely popular influencers and leading brands trust us for their organic growth.
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Path Social’s suite of growth tools are some of the most disruptive innovations in the industry in 2021. They combine a powerhouse team of social media managers with an AI targeting algorithm to effectively track down your target audience and encourage engagement.


A genuinely engaged community is crucial to lasting Instagram growth. Path Social’s innovative approach achieves this by focusing on personalized community building that’s aligned with a brand’s voice.


The competition for new followers and a suitable audience on Instagram is extremely tough. As major upheavals in the social media industry continue, equally revolutionary services like Path Social have become even more essential to influencers and businesses that are hoping to ride Instagram’s waves of growth.


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1. Identify your target audience.

Lock on your target by their age, gender, location, other demographic characteristics, hashtags used, etc.

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2. Our advanced AI targeting algorithm gets to work.

Path Social’s proprietary AI targeting technology tracks down the right people for your brand.

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3. We capture their attention.

Our in-house team of experts organically promotes your content to your target audience.

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Combining the latest innovations in AI targeting and the virtual-world expertise of real people, Path Social delivers real users who are genuinely interested in your content and will provide quality engagement.

Why should you choose Path Social?

We know that organic growth is key to lasting Instagram success. Path Social utilizes the time-tested formula of advanced targeting through the power of AI technology and organic promotion -- this is how we ensure that only the right people for your brand are targeted and encouraged to engage with your content. We have developed our own AI targeting algorithm and established our own pool of Instagram influencers and social media experts to bring you authentic results that nobody else can match!

  • Authentic followers

  • High-quality engagement

  • Organic and lasting growth

  • Bots or fake followers

  • Automation and associated risks

  • Account security risk from IG password disclosure

24,000+ IG users are happy with the Path they’ve chosen

Grow your account with authentic followers and high-quality engagement today!


Whatever Your Niche, Path Social is the Right Choice For You

Fuel your growth with our proprietary AI targeting technology and human-powered, expert engagement -- whatever niche your brand belongs to!

Your most important questions answered

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or live chat if you have any questions!

Are there any risks to my account?

Your account is safe with us. Our website is HTTPS secured, our payment portal is verified, and we don’t ask for your Instagram password. There won’t be any risk of getting penalized by Instagram because we don’t use any type of automation and we don’t mass follow. We solely focus on organic content promotion with the help of our in-house team of experts and collaborations with influencers.

What makes Path Social different from other similar services?

Unlike other services, we don’t offer shortcuts through fabricated growth -- by using bots and fake accounts. We’re careful about following Instagram’s Terms of Use to ensure that your account won’t be at risk of getting suspended or banned. Lastly, we never ask for anybody’s Instagram password.

Do you provide follow/unfollow services?

Follow/unfollow services violate Instagram’s Terms of Use, so we don’t engage in these activities. We never access our clients’ accounts; we don’t use bots to perform tasks. Our services are powered by real people -- social media experts who engage in the time-tested strategy of organic promotion.

Are the followers real?

Absolutely. Our organic outreach ensures that you only get real followers who are also genuinely interested in your type of content.

What happens to the followers you delivered if I cancel my Path Social account?

They stay with you! You won’t lose any of the followers you gain from us; we tracked them for you and organically promoted your content, but they follow you because they want to and they’ll stick around as long as they like your content!

How long does it take to see results?

You can start growing in as short as 2 days, and your account will fully ramp up within a week or so -- our team works 24/7 to deliver the best possible results! If you’re not happy with your rate of growth, we have a 7-day money-back guarantee!

Does Path Social work for everyone?

Whatever industry you’re in, whatever the size of your business, whatever your geographical reach, and whether you’re an influencer, a celebrity, or any other type of creator, Path Social can give you lasting, organic growth. Our pool of successful clients covers the diversified breadth of Instagram. With our proprietary AI targeting technology, we are able to effectively track down the right audience for your brand; our massive network of influencers across hundreds of niches helps us deliver your content.

What do I need to do to sign up for an account?

Just provide your Instagram handle and identify your target audience! Our AI targeting technology and team of social media strategists will do the rest!


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