Add the power of DivShare to your web sites, blogs and social networks with these great integration options.
We're always working on more, so let us know if you have ideas for a plugin or application by contacting Support.

iPhone Application
We've built a special version of DivShare that fits perfectly on your iPhone, allowing you to search, download and e-mail all the files in your account with a few touches of your screen. Check it out in your browser or on your iPhone at
Facebook Application

The DivShare Application on Facebook allows you to quickly upload files through the Facebook interface, then send them to your friends or post them to your profile and news feed. It's a fast, convenient replacement for e-mail attachments, and it's a great way to get files in front of hundreds of friends via your profile and news feed.

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WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin

The DivShare Uploader Plugin for WordPress replaces your regular uploading frame with a DivShare upload form, allowing you to easily upload and add files without ever leaving your "Write a Post" page. It's a great way to speed up your blogging and take the load off your servers when hosting big files and images.

» Download the Latest Version (v 1.1)

You'll find installation instructions included with the download above. It's pretty easy — just upload two PHP files and then create a special WordPress Key on your Account page.

Build Your Own App with the API

The DivShare API allows web site developers to easily integrate our storage and sharing services into their own applications. You can create a widget that lets users log into their accounts and browse their files, or you can use DivShare as the backend for your own social media site. With full access to file info and the ability to upload remotely, the only limit to the API is your own imagination.

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