Queens Marie Antoinette

One of the world’s unluckiest Queens was Marie Antoinette and her husband King Louis August XVI because they became monarchs when France’s government and social system were long overdue for a change. Marie Antoinette was the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor and an Empress of Austria, born November 2nd,...

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Joan Of Arc – the Maid of Orleans”

Jeanne d’Arc, better known to those who speak only English as ‘Joan of Arc’, also known as “the Maid of Orleans”, was a national heroine of France and is considered a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. She was born at Domremy in Champagne, circa January 6, 1412, and died...

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Women In The French Revolution

A French Revolution for Women The French women of the working class had always somehow been politically active in times of national crisis. During the era of enlightenment, women were virtually submissive and accepting of their traditional role as being socially unequal from men (as a result of their biological...

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